White Noise Music

A curation of dark and experimental music of all shapes and sizes


This is a mixture of music reviews, topics and think pieces with the aim of providing you with reviews of new dark, experimental releases or weird musical oddities, for entertainment and for my own musical curation.

I’ve been a music nerd for as long as I can remember, growing up in a house of 60’s-80’s prog and rock, leading me inevitably to drums and guitar. I’ve been in a few metal bands in my time and I’m in the process of writing a dark ambient/noise electronica album (which, rest assured, I’ll shamelessly promote on here in the most obscene act of narcissism once it’s complete…)

I’m always open to new music so any suggestions for reviews are welcome and I’m always happy for a good old chinwag about music. Anybody who knows me knows it’s pretty much all I do, in-between breaths, meals and sleep haha.

I hope you’re able to find some new music here that you enjoy!

-Tony Cowley